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Get Ready for Alpha Cat’s Debut EP Venus Smile… Retrograde!

Alpha cat’s retrograde EP Venus smile is set to release very soon. And if you’re as hyped as we are, then you’ll be happy to learn that the artist behind it has revealed a few juicy details about the project.

Meet Alpha cat. Her identity remains shrouded in mystery, but we’ve got our suspicions about her identity confirmed by a source close to the artist. Let’s find out what makes this mysterious artist tick and how she creates her unique music.

Alpha Cat: The Artist Behind the EP

Elizabeth McCullough is the main artist behind the EP “Venus Smile… Retrograde.” She is an alternative rock band formed in the mid-90s by four friends in Sydney, Australia. The most recent work of the band is a six-track EP titled “Venus Smile… Retrograde.”

The title is a reflection of McCullough’s observations that the world has become too divided and extreme. It explores themes of heartbreak and the search for hope and redemption. The lead single, “Orbit (Rx),” seeks a hopeful resolution and reconnection of separations and redemption.

The EP is a reflection of McCullough’s observation that the world has become too divided and extreme. It is full of powerful lyrics, emotional melodies, and thoughtful guitar riffs. To find out more, visit

Alpha Cat

Tracklist Unveiled for Venus Smile… Retrograde

Alpha Cat’s debut EP, Venus Smile… Retrograde, has recently been released under Aquamarine Records. The EP features seven tracks exploring themes of heartbreak and the search for hope and redemption. Notable instrumentation featured on the EP includes guitar, bass, percussion and various choruses. The lead single from the EP, “Orbit (Rx)”, seeks redemption and reconnection of separations. Venus Smile… Retrograde is a heart-wrenching reflection of a broken world where we all seek to find meaning in our lives. It is a beautiful piece of music that will make you smile and sigh.

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Hear the First Single from Alpha Cat’s EP

– Alpha Cat has finally released their first single from the Venus Smile… Retrograde EP!

– The space-pop band was formed by Elizabeth McCullough, best known as the singer of the band Aquamarine, and guitarist Kris Felder of Third Eye Blind.

– The two were inspired to create a space-rock band after listening to bands like P.O.D., Coldplay, and Keane. Their EP is filled with heartbreak and the search for hope in a broken world. It explores themes of heartbreak and redemption.

The overwhelming theme of Venus Smile… Retrograde is about how it’s a broken heart that shows you what you’re made of. The title track tackles romantic heartbreak head-on, with lyrics like “I don’t want your love anymore/I don’t need your touch/You’ve broken my heart again” and “Don’t say sorry for me/I’m fine without you now.”

The music video for Venus Smile… Retrograde debuted on VEVO last month. It features McCullough singing the song against an astronautic backdrop as she departs on a journey of self-discovery and emotional growth.

Alpha Cat

The album was originally supposed to be released in early 2022, but it was released prematurely due to the passing of Elizabeth McCullough’s close friend and musical partner.

What is Venus Smile… Retrograde and what can fans expect from it?

Venus Smile… Retrograde is the new EP from Alpha Cat and is a follow up to the single “Venus Smile” released in July 2021 and the album “Pearl Harbor 2020” released in February 2021.

The central theme of Venus Smile… Retrograde is how a broken heart can show you what you’re made of. The album was originally planned to be released in early 2022 but was released sooner due to the unexpected passing of Elizabeth McCullough’s close friend and musical collaborator.

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Fans can expect a combination of choruses, guitar, bass and percussion on the new EP. The album was produced by George Hrab and features guest appearances from Nilaja Sunna, Shea Diamonds, Taylor Rayne, and more.

It’s safe to say that retrograde is here. The retrograde of Venus, which happens every 18 months, will bring retro-inspired aesthetics and aesthetic back in the limelight. What’s more, it will give you an opportunity to reconnect to your inner-retro self. So, get ready for retro fifties-inspired outfits, hairstyles, and art! And get ready for Alpha Cat’s retrograde EP Venus Smile… Retrograde!


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