How much does a destination wedding at Bujera Fort cost?

Bujera Fort hotel is situated in Bujera village near the city of Udaipur. This splendid hotel is one of the most beautiful properties in Udaipur.

The incredible architecture and fabulous decor of Bujera Fort hotel makes it a perfect venue for a romantic destination wedding. Bujera Fort is an ideal venue for small weddings having guest count of 25.

The cost of a destination wedding in Udaipur starts from Rs. 35 lakhs, but a small wedding at Bujera Fort is likely to cost between Rs. 21 lakhs to Rs. 25 lakhs.

Wedding expenses at Bujera Fort

1 – Accommodation

Bujera Fort hotel has 2 master suites, 4 suites and 8 standard rooms. The total cost of booking all these rooms for a 2 day wedding is approximately Rs. 8 lakhs including taxes.

2 – Catering

You can enjoy Indian and Continental food at Bujera Fort hotel. Total cost of catering for a 2 day wedding is likely to be around 5 lakhs including taxes.

3 – Wedding Decoration

The cost of decoration for all wedding ceremonies is likely to be Rs. 5 lakhs to Rs. 9 lakhs, depending upon your requirements. Cost will be more if you have special requirements like exotic flowers.

4 – Guest Management and Transportation

A team of professional wedding planners can take care of wedding arrangements and assist your guests during the wedding. The cost of such services may be between Rs. 50 thousand and Rs. 2 lakhs.

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Transportation services which include airport pickup and drop could cost up to Rs. 1 lakh. This cost includes professional team which manages transport activities.

5 – Photographer

The cost of photography could be between Rs. 1.5 – Rs. 2.5 lakhs. Most photographers also offer pre wedding photoshoots in their packages.

6 – Vendors

You will also require to hire vendors like Makeup artist, Mehendi artist, Priest e.t.c. for a wedding. The cost varies widely as per requirements.

Similar Hotels

Taj Lake Palace

A luxury wedding at Taj Lake Palace will cost around Rs. 70 – 75 lakhs. Taj Lake Palace does not allow a gathering for more than 60 people for weddings, so this is the maximum cost of wedding at Lake Palace unless you have special requirements like silver cutlery and exotic flowers.


Devigarh is a heritage fort which was built in 18th-century in the village of Delwara, Udaipur. It was a royal residence of the rulers of Delwara. Situated 28 kilometers away from the city of Udaipur, this luxury resort was meticulously designed. You will be required to book most of the rooms at Devigarh if you wish to organise a wedding here.

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